Seasonal work in Great Britain Loans in the UK

Many of us do not want to emigrate to the UK permanently. We are looking for a job only for holidays. It is profitable, even considering the fact that the pound rate is unstable. It also happens that we are learning or raising children in the UK and want to earn extra money. Then also seasonal work may interest us.

Seasonal work is ideal for those who do not want to leave the UK for good and want to earn more money than in Poland. The pound has not been optimistic lately, but it is still relatively high. Why should we sit the whole vacation at home, when we can earn and experience something interesting at that time? In the end, hardly anyone can afford to spend two or three months in a resort. Often, we also need to repair our budget to have something to live on all year round. When we study daily, it is hard to reconcile with full-time work during the year. Of course, it also happens that people who work in Poland are looking for seasonal work. They take time off for a month or two and leave to earn much more than in the country. The reasons can therefore be different.

How much can you earn in vacation?


First of all, it should be remembered that the vast majority of seasonal work does not require qualifications from us. Usually these are simple classes. As a result, the money is also not big for Great Britain. In most cases, they oscillate around the minimum wage. Currently it is 8.21 pounds gross per hour, for persons over 25 years of age.

For those aged 16-17, it is lower and amounts to 4.35 pounds. When you are 18-20 years old, you can count on at least 6.15 pounds, and at 21-24 years old – 7.70 pounds. So it’s easy to count how much money you can earn monthly. Remember that it happens that, for example, at harvest, the employer provides us with accommodation, in the case of work in catering – food.

This means that we have several hundred pounds more in our pockets than if we had to pay for the room ourselves, e.g. in London.

The most popular holiday jobs


One of the most popular holiday jobs is picking fruit or helping harvesting in general. However, the United Kingdom has much more to offer us. We can also work in, for example, gastronomy or the hotel industry or construction.

Let us remember that tourism is a very developed industry in the UK. You work in it, mainly during the holidays. Therefore, seasonal workers are looking for a lot of hotels, restaurants and bars, especially in seaside resorts.

Work in London and other large cities

However, you do not have to look for a summer job in gastronomy by the sea. Remember that London alone annually receives several million tourists and that it is more than to the whole of Poland. Of course, most of them in the so-called season, i.e. mainly during the holidays. Then the demand for employees is naturally the highest. The same applies to other large cities. It is not profitable for employers to maintain a whole, extended team all year long when there is not enough work. They prefer to hire someone only for a period of increased business interest.

British students also work


Contrary to appearances, not only immigrants are looking for a vacation. Native British, especially students, do the same. Work in commerce is very popular among them. More tourists, more sales.

Therefore, not only gastronomy, but also stores and warehouses need additional employees for the holidays. To sum up, the most typical activities that seasonal workers take up are: kitchen help, waiter, bartender, cook, warehouseman, salesman or construction worker.

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