How to deal with debts? | Debt consolidation

admin / December 7, 2019

Debt problem?  It’s easy to say: get a grip. However, when you get into a debt spiral, it’s not that easy. Already every second Pole admits that his family has a debt to pay – results from the poll of the Public Opinion Research Center. Debts can have many causes and are not always due to weakness or bad will.…

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Seasonal work in Great Britain Loans in the UK

admin / November 10, 2019

Many of us do not want to emigrate to the UK permanently. We are looking for a job only for holidays. It is profitable, even considering the fact that the pound rate is unstable. It also happens that we are learning or raising children in the UK and want to earn extra money. Then also seasonal work may interest us.…

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200,000 loan how to get

admin / November 1, 2019

A loan of 200,000 can find its use in your life. It is very possible that you started building a house. The work is in full swing, the workers are efficiently building your dream and, above all, their own four corners. Unfortunately, at the end of the work you lack funds. It is possible that the wrong calculation of resources…

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Student loan – cheap loan

admin / October 5, 2019

If we wrote to you that at the beginning of your studies you can take out a loan, the repayment of which will be necessary only after 2 years from graduation, would you take it? What if we added that it has a very low interest rate and the repayment period is twice as long as its collection period? Certainly…

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Early repayment of the debt: is it convenient or not?

admin / September 22, 2019

In the world of credit, fortunately, there are not only suffering and stranded loans, a great cause for recrimination for the banking system often referred to as the real reason for the tightening underway for years now. Sometimes, in fact, some of those who have resorted to a loan for the purchase of a product, are lucky enough to see…

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Psychological profile of the debtor – What character traits will increase the likelihood of bankruptcy?

admin / September 19, 2019

Is it possible that our character traits cause us to become debtors? Many psychological studies say yes! So what can have the greatest impact on ease of falling into a debt spiral?   What is the psychological profile? The psychological profile is prepared by psychologists – specialists who based on the collected information (through interviews and / or observations) drew…

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Loans retired – interest calculation bank loan

admin / September 11, 2019

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